Reptilicus in Toronto this November.

Reptilicus will play two gigs in Toronto in late November, organised by Yatra-Arts, Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto, Toronto Best Party, and Goethe Institut, all in celebration of our first release in over a decade, the single “Initial conditions”. These will also be Reptilicus’ first ever concerts on the West side of the Atlantic.

The record is issued by Yatra-Arts, Canada, and will include a remix by Cologne based electronic maestro Senking.

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New Reptilicus album in progress.

Reptilicus has been busy at work on a new full length studio album for the past year or so, the first in over a decade. The material has been written and developed live and in the studio with guest appearances by Runar Magnusson, the Crying Cowboy, and Auxpan. The album will be finished later this fall.

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