Gjöll. Temporary Symbiosis: Gjöll at Maschinenfest 2009. Tape & Mp3

Gjöll Temporary SymbiosisWe proudly present Gjöll’s performance at the Maschinenfest 2009. Crystal clear and of stunning quality, the recordings of their minimalistic arrangements are nowhere short of intensity. straight from the start, we sense the full meaning of a Temporary Symbiosis: of dark and light, of cold and warm, of artist and audience.

Organic drum sounds carry the heavy drones and are enriched with guitar chords, distorted or echoing over the vocals with endless depth generated by delays. We float through beauty of northern simplicity. a beauty one can only experience when there is nothing left to lose: After one has abandoned all hope. This release is more than a mere blast from the past. It is a recreation of an appeal – to act, to realize, and to understand that there is no one but ourselfes to change our lives.

Rewind, Relax, enjoy – from the first track ‘Inoculation’ which has never been released before through the experience of Gjöll live on stage.

Artwork by Salt.

raubbau raub-031
Released 27 October 2014
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